dvbsnoop - Feature List

The following features are currently implemented in dvbsnoop:

Yes No Remark dvbsnoop-options
ISO/DVB Basic Sections (PSI/SI/etc.)     ISO/IEC 13818-1, ETSI EN 301 468 -s sec
BAT x   Bouquet Allocation Table  
CAT x   Conditional Access Table  
DIT x   Discontinuity Information Table  
EIT x   Event Information Table  
EMM/ECM x   DVB CA message section, hexdump only  
NIT x   Network Information Table  
PAT x   Program Association Table  
PMT x   Program Map Table  
RST x   Running Status Table  
SDT x   Service Description Table  
SIT x   Selection Information Table  
ST x   Stuffing Table  
TDT x   Time Date Table  
TOT x   Time Offset Table  
TSDT x   Transport Stream Description Table, ISO/IEC 13818-1 / ITU H.222.0  
ISO_IEC_14496_section   x ISO/IEC 13818-1 / ITU H.222.0,  
MT x   Metadata Table (H.222.0 AMD 1)  
IPMP_Control_Information_section   x ISO/IEC 13818-11  
User defined tables x   To decode user defined tables of a provider , known to dvbsnoop, use cmd option -privateprovider <name> -privateprovider <provider-name>
CRC check x   if supported by hardware, firmware or driver (demux level) -crc, -nocrc
Soft CRC check x   calculate & check CRC by dvbsnoop -softcrc, -nosoftcrc
Section filter/-mask
(section table id's)
x   if supported by hardware, firmware or driver (demux level)
Filter/mask format: e.g. 0x4E or 0xFF.12.34.5A.7F or...
Filter applies to Section Bytes: 0, 3-n
-f <filter>
-m <mask>
Soft Section filter/-mask
(section table id's)
    when section stream input is <file> (-if <file>) -f <filter>
-m <mask>
recursive PID snoop x   PID spider mode, follows referenced PIDs (currently sections only) -spiderpid
input device       -demux <device>
-if <file>
DSM-CC (sections)     ISO/IEC 13818-6, ETSI EN 301 192, ETSI TS 102 006 -s sec
Basic x    
INT x   IP/Notification Table, EN 301 192  
UNT x   Update Notification Table, TS 102 006  
Datagram x   e.g. TCP/IP packets, multicasts,...  
MPE_FEC x   Multi-Protocol-Encapsulation, EN 301 192 v 1.4.1  
DDB x   DownloadDataBlock  
DSI x   DownloadServerInitiate  
DII x   DownloadInfoIndication  
DownloadCancel x      
Descriptor List x      
BIOPs   x ... startedTODO  
IOR   x TODO  
MHP (sections)       -s sec
AIT x   Application Information Table, ETSI TS 102 812  
ATSC     Advanced Television Systems Committee  
Basic   x (currently no plans --> I cannot test these streams)  
TV Anytime (sections)     ETSI TS 102 323 -s sec
CT   x Container Table
RCT   x Related Content Table
CIT   x Content Identifier Table
RNT x   Resolution provider Notification Table
Testdata (sections)       -s sec
measurement signalling channel   x TODO, basic started  
Transport Stream (TS)       -s ts
Basic x   ISO/IEC 13818-1 / ITU H.222.0  
MIP x   Mega-Frame Initialization Packet (TS 101 191) and functions  
TS packet sync x   optional software sync -sync, -nosync
PES/SECTION start identify x   tries to identify stream id or table id  
decode TS content x   collect TS packets and do PES/Section subdecoding -tssubdecode
input device       -demux <device>
-dvr <device>
-if <file>
pid filter x   <pid>
full transport stream x   if supported by hard-/firmware! -tsraw
Packetized Elementary Stream (PES)
Program Stream (PS)
      -s pes, -s ps
Basic x   ISO/IEC 13818-1 / ITU H.222.0  
PES packet sync x   optional software sync -sync, -nosync
DSM-CC Control x   ITU H.222.0 Annex B  
DSM-CC ACK x   ITU H.222.0 Annex B  
EMM/ECM x   Hexdump only  
PES Data (synchron, synchronized) x      
PES EBU data (teletext, VPS, WSS, etc.) x   EN 300 472, EN 300 706, EN 301 775 (basic decoding), EN 300 231  
PES DVB subtitling   x TODO  
Program_stream_descriptorlist x    
Program_stream_map x   H.222.0, 2.5.4  
Program Stream directory x   ISO/IEC 13818-1 / ITU H.222.0 ,  
non-system header x   ISO/IEC 13818-2, GOP, Slice, etc.  
pack_header x      
system_header x      
input device       -demux <device>
-if <file>
DVB descriptors x   ETSI EN 301 468, EN 301 192, TR 102 006, ..  
MPEG descriptors x   ISO/IEC 13818-1 / ITU H.222.0  
DSM-CC INT/UNT descriptors x      
DSM-CC (Module) descriptors x      
DSM-CC Stream descriptors x   ISO/IEC 13818-6  
MHP AIT descriptors x   ETSI TS 102 812 v 1.2.1  
TV Anytime RNT descriptors x   ETSI TS 102 323  
User defined descriptors     To decode user defined descriptors of a provider, known to dvbsnoop, use cmd option -privateprovider <name> -privateprovider <provider-name>
Bandwidth-Statistics     based on transport stream -s bandwidth
PID-based x   TS - scan  
all PIDs on Transport Stream x   if supported by hard-/firmware! -tsraw
Packet/Time based calculation   x TODO  
PCR based calculation        
Poll timeout x   Poll timeout in msec. -timeout <ms>
input device       -demux <device>
-dvr <device>
basic mpeg frame information x   ISO 13818-2, Slice, GOP, etc.  
Frame rates   x Not planned for dvbsnoop.

Please use mpeg video or audio analyzers, which offer in-depth analyzing of video or audio bit streams. (e.g. vk_tools)
Motion vector analyze   x  
PCR analyze   x  
Macro blocks   x  
Audio stream rates   x  
Bitrate statistics video   x  
Bitrate statistics audio   x  
PID-SCAN     -s pidscan
all PIDs on Transponder x   result may depend on demux firmware  
try to identify PID content x   result may depend on demux firmware  
input device       -demux <device>
-dvr <device>
-maxdmx <n>
Frontend Signal Status     -s signal
SIG x   signal strength  
BER x   bit error rate  
SNR x   signal-noise-ratio  
Status x   frontend status  
UBLCK x   uncorrected blocks  
capability check x      
input device x     -frontend <device>
Poll timeout x   Signal poll timeout in msec. -timeout <ms>
Frontend Info x   Show information about the frontend of your STB or DVB card (only > DVB-API 3) -s feinfo
show capabilities x   Basic capabilities of your frontend  
current parameters x      
Output Modes        
Hexdump Modes x   several dump modes -ph <n>
ASCII-Dump Modes x   several dump modes -ph <n>
Hexdump buffer data x   print read data as hex/ascii-dump prior to decoding -nph
Binary x   -b
Binary to file x   using output redirection to file... -b > <file>
Human readable output x   serveral verbosity levels to select decoding info. -pd <n>, -npd
Translating values to text x    
time stamp output x   different display modes [no, delta, full] (only in life stream mode) -tn , -td, -tf
limit packet decoding x   decode max. <n> packets (see also -n) -N <n>
output text filter   x ... use Unix tools like grep, perl, nawk, gplot, MRTG, etc. to filter or tweak output  
XML output   x TODO  
Input Modes        
live stream input x   from device (demux, dvr) -demux <device>
-dvr <device>
-frontend <device>
adapter/card selection x   shortcut selection for -demux, -dvr, -frontend
e.g. /dev/dvb/adapterN/...
-adapter <n>
dvb device nr. selection x   shortcut selection for -demux, -dvr, -frontend
e.g. /dev/dvb/adapter0/demuxN
-devnr <n>
set demux buffer size x   set own demux buffersize in KBytes.
overwrites internal buffer settings. (PES, TS and SECTION mode)
-buffersize <KBytes>
binary file input (offline mode) x   saved stream file -if <file>
limited packet read x   packet counter -n <count>
input filter x   when reading from live stream ....
remote sniffing over network x   Using tools like netcat (nc) or dvbstream...
e.g.: dvbstream .... --> dumprtp | dvbsnoop -s ts -if - ...
DVB-T   x please use dvbtune, szap, neutrino, enigma, VDR or any other tool for tuning into a frequency  
DVB-C   x  
DVB-S   x  
DVB-S2   x    
DVB-H   x    
API 1 x   Does anyone still needs this API??  
API 2   x never released (?)  
API 3 x   current API, linux kernel 2.6.0  
API 4   x  
runtime API selection   x API will be determined at compile time...  
  x x documentation is not sufficient, good documenation still to be done... - especially the website sucks...  
man page x   Unix compliant old style man page documentation (man dvbsnoop)  
  x   Interaction between standards organizations (ETSI, ITU, ISO, ...) and also between standards itself sometimes is very complex, especially when standards are enhanced or collide with other drafts. So bugs are very likely (also programming bugs...). Due to missing or proper test streams, some features are implemented without possible real life testing... So please report any bug or odd behavior and also check latest source from cvs.  

The feature list reflects the status of the CVS. This list may not be complete...
Some features do not work using DVB-API 1.